Shanghai – Fastest Growing City in Asia





Shanghai fascinated me with all it’s new glitter and glam. 90% of the buildings are less than 10 years old. Everything is clean, new and glitzy. It was perhaps the most cosmopolitan city I have ever visited. The Bund area along the waterfront was beautiful during the day but she really shown all lit up in the evening. I couldn’t help wonder how different my experience was than my Dad’s in the mid 1940’s. I remember him telling me about being an MP in Shanghai and his most important mission was going to the airport to collect the payroll. He said it was a wild ride through Shanghai to get to the barracks where the money was dispersed to the waiting soldiers. There is very little of that old Shanghai remaining and the cranes were constantly moving with more and more building.  And now I am off for a very long (15 hour) flight from Shanghai to Atlanta – hope there are a lot of good movies to keep me occupied. I think this will be my longest flight ever, so if I can do this one I should be able to do anything.

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