The Celebrities of Chengdu


The Panda’s are definitely the celebrities of Chengdu. We were fortunate to go in the morning and many of the Panda’s were pretty active, eating and climbing and posing for pictures. It was fun to see Panda’s of all ages and the keepers interacting with the infants was a hoot. Fun day with the furry ones – I did resist buying a Panda head band but it was close!


We also visited another huge park in Chengdu and in addition to the tea houses and Mahjong players there were a few activities that were popular and pretty interesting . The first was the matchmaking corning where Chinese parents bring their unmarried children’s resumes and wait for interested parties to come talk to them. Apparently they are desperate to get the kids married off and the new economy means the kids are waiting longer. Here’s a few examples:

Finally you can get your ears cleaned while drinking your tea. This was an extremely popular event and several from our group gave it a try.


Next stop Tibet!

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