Bad Timing in Tibet




Well the Travel Gods had the last laugh in Tibet! I made the mistake of bragging to a fellow traveler about how lucky I had been, given my pace of travel, that I hadn’t even had a sniffle. I started with a cold (no big deal) and then landed in Tibet to a full blown upper respiratory infection. Normally a round of antibiotics and I would be back on the trail again, but not at 12K feet.  My body normally handles altitude pretty well, but the double whammy of an infection and the altitude had me in a negative spiral. The picture is the renowned Potala Palace was taken from my hotel room as I didn’t leave the room for two days and even had a few hours when I considered the cultural enriching experiencing of visiting a Tibetan Hospital. Tibet is still a pretty tough place to get access as you need a regular Chinese Visa and then a very special visa to enter the autonomous region of Tibet. The paper shows stamps from about 10 government officials that had to approve the trip.  I was sad to miss the highlights of Tibet but even with my insatiable wanderlust, cooler heads prevailed and I focused on getting better.

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