Xian and the Terra Cotta Warriors



Can you believe the Terra Cotta Warriors were just found 40 years ago?  A farmer was digging a well and pulled up the head of a Warrior and knew he had found something pretty special. The warriors were made 2200 years ago and intended to guard an Emperor’s tomb. Each one is a different face! I was surprised to learn there are over 8K soldiers but they have only dug up 2K as they are waiting on better technology that can preserve the colors that oxidize when exposed to air. Most of the soldiers were smashed by the earth so it is a pain staking process for archaeologists to put all the pieces together.  Silly me, before my visit I thought they had been found intact!


We had a surprise stop in Xian to a park. It was filled with ordinary Chinese folks enjoying starting their day with exercising, singing and dancing. They were gracious and let us join in the fun, doing Tai Chi, dancing with fans, and even singing Jingle Bells in April.  I had thought Schiller Park was a well used park in Columbus, but nothing like the Chinese. This was another of those genuine cultural interactions that really give you a feeling of the country.

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