Into the Bush of Australia

We decided to take a walk through the Australian bush in search of Koala’s and Kangaroos and were excited to find both.  The Kangaroos were easy to find but we had to approach at an angle to not frighten them off.   They were a hoot to watch hopping around and they were fortunate to have some watering holes as it has been a very dry summer and water is at a premium.   The Koala’s were a bit more elusive. The first one we found looked like a paper bag in the tree, but the second one was  almost posing for the photo. Thank goodness my new camera has an awesome zoom! Don’t laugh that it has taken me several weeks to figure out how to transfer from the camera to the computer. After many abortive attempts, I finally can do it in about 4 steps, much more than advertised when I was buying the camera but at least it works!

Next stop Tasmania, which in case you didn’t know (I didn’t) is still Australia but a  separate island. Apparently our next stop of Port Author is all about historical prisons.  Since a whole lot of British prisoners were sent to Australia, they are really into sharing that part of their history. I think I am still traumatized from visiting Alcatraz as a child. I got locked in solitary for probably 2 minutes but I’m still not so interested in visiting prisons.



2 thoughts on “Into the Bush of Australia

  1. Wow !!! Barb, I have been enjoying all pictures and your journaling. What an amazing trip .
    I will mail your letter on March 29th 🙂
    Safe travels , can’t wait to see you 😘


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