The Fjords of New Zealand

We had one of those rare days where all the elements of Mother Nature and itinerary conspired to create the perfect day to travel through the Fjords of New Zealand. It was amazing as our 974 foot ship was able to weave through a series of Fjords and there were only a few times when I thought we were going to scrape the stone mountain walls.  We scored a couple of deck chairs at the back of the ship and oohed and aahed all day long.


I was also able to wear my new Merino Wool and Possum (yes Possom) sweater. Possom is all the rage in New Zealand as a blend with wool since it is light but even warmer than wool. Don’t scoff till you try one!  From here we’re headed to Australia and hope to see some Koala’s and Kangaroo’s in the wild.



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