Sydney Drive By


To say I’ve seen Sydney would be a gross exaggeration! Our ship arrived in Sydney and we were greeted with this lovely sunrise behind the Opera House. I would have included the selfie of the same view, but I consistently look like a crazy person in selfie photos. I’m not sure if my arms aren’t long enough, or it is a generational problem as a boomer, but based on my eyeballs alone I could be admitted to most mental hospitals. And no, I’m not carrying a selfie stick – never, never, never! After the great breakfast view overlooking the Opera House, we immediately got in a bus and went to the airport for the flight to Cairns and the next adventure awaiting on the Great Barrier Reef. Although I’ve been traveling for more than a month this time, I feel I have completely short changed Australia. While I’m going to count it as another check off the continent quest (Make that 5 since 1 Oct) it really deserves a more thorough visit. Australia is definitely on my visit again list! With all this travelling you would think my bucket list is getting smaller, nope just the opposite.

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