Dung at the Doorstep



Well we were warned to look for elephants and in my bleary eyed 0515 exit from my tent I was greeted

with a steaming pile of dung. It is simply amazing how these giant animals can move so silently through space. Needless to say I scurried to the lodge with my eyes peeled.  So this morning we took the launch down river and entered the National Park.  We saw so many animals I decided to start a list. So far on my African adventure day 2 I saw – Hippo’s, Monkeys’s Elephant’s Buffalo, Impalas, Orangutan, Baboon’s (hundreds) and a single Leopard and Warthog. Not bad for day 2. Oh and I will only mention the rare birds, Crested Guenia Fowl and the Souther Ground Horn Bill (endangered species). IMG_1997.jpg

_DSC1089 2.jpg
Photo Courtesy of Patrick a Safari Companion with a Great Camera and Eye!


And finally a shot of me on Safari in the clothes and hat that looked ridiculous in my living room but fit in perfectly on the range. How civilized that in the middle of looking for animals we stopped for a cup of tea and a peanut butter cookie. My kind of Safari!IMG_2001.jpg

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