Countries starting with the letter Z for $200

Photo Courtesy of Cynthia

What is Zambia and Zimbabwe? I started my Safari in Zambia on the lower Zambezi river. We had Hippo’s galore but this shot caught by my travel companion with the camera lens as long as her arm just thrilled me. Hippo’s are pretty tough to take pictures of because they tend to go under water constantly so this shot was special. Thank god for Airdrop so they can share amazing photos easily! Comparing my shots to these also has me wondering if it is time to buy a real camera but I guess if I have to choose between an airline ticket to get me there and a camera, I would rather get there. We traveled across Zambia to the Zimbabwe border on increasingly smaller planes.  This last plane held 5 passages and any smaller and I might be the pilot.  The border crossing between the two countries is interesting with one single lane bridge that was built in 1905 and only 1 truck can go across the bridge at a time.  Trucks are backed up for miles and the drivers wait days-weeks for the opportunity to cross. I felt my problem solving skills trying to kick in but several conversations with the lodge hosts and you get the idea the corruption is so suffocating that they really don’t want efficiency. So I put on my safari hat and go look for animals.

A few more animals to give you an idea of the experience and what you see on an African Safari.

Barb actually took this one!
Photo by Patrick – Don’t you love the expression on the faces of these Buffalo!

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