Out of Africa

Getting to Africa is challenging (3 planes and 24 hours of travel) but upon arriving at the Zambezi river I was greeted with my first Hippo citing. IMG_1988.jpg Somehow the travel fatigue all washed away as I gazed out at the river. I have had this journey on my bucket list forever but even my decades of imagining couldn’t compare to the real experience. On our river safari tonight we probably saw 50 Hippo’s if you count all the wiggly ears as a complete citing. We also saw a few elephants, buffalo and countless interesting birds.IMG_1990.jpg IMG_1987.jpgIMG_1986.jpgThe lodge is on the shores of the Zambezi river and the wildlife surrounds us, for example tonight an elephant invited himself to dinner and we couldn’t get to our huts as he was blocking the path.  Tomorrow morning is a 5 am wake up call so we can greet the animals at their watering holes. This is certainly adventure travel with small planes, small boats and open jeeps but the good news is my group could have been up to 16 but we have an intimate group of 5 so everything is logistically quite easy – well except for looking for animals along the path from the hut! Jambo!

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