Malaga – We found a Hammam!



We were suppose to do an all day Spa treatment at a Hammam in Andulsia but the ship excursion was canceled. I threw a bit of a fit with stomping feet and wailing but much to my surprise we found a really cool Hammam in the middle of Malaga at about 1/6th the price and it was a fun experience.  Of course, wandering the shopping district of Malaga we hadn’t expected to find a Hammam so didn’t have our swimsuits on hand.  When they offered a “loaner” suit I had visions of all sorts of things hanging out inappropriately, but it actually fit ok and we showered, bathed, massaged, cold and hot dipped to our delight. After our dip we found a tavern selling beer for 80 cents. We didn’t even really want or need a beer but who can pass up a beer for 80 cents – not us!

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