Buenas Dias in Guadalest, Spain


Whew quite a language gauntlet – we literally went from Italian to French to Spanish in a matter of 3 days!  My head was spinning as I attempted to use all the words I knew in Spanish ordering a snack and getting the bill. Success!  The trip from the port of Alicante to Guadalest was quite interesting and I learned a lot about the area but one of the biggest surprises was Benidorm,.  A huge city on the coast of Spain that is the 5th most visited in Europe! It has dozens of skyscraper hotels and is a beach mecca for the Europeans.  By contrast the city of Guadlest where we visited, had 220 inhabitants but I think most of them decided to open a “museum”.  Some how I managed to avoid the Doll Museum and the Miniture museum that promised the entire bible on a human hair.  I did hike up to the top of the Castle and was rewarded with great views  and the landscape was stunning.

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