The Education of Picasso and BKR


So my knowledge of Picasso (at least this was an artist I had heard of!) made a quantum leap today with a visit to the Picasso Museo in Barcelona. I know there are a lot of Picasso Museums around the world, but this one was fascinating as it had his very early work at 14 or 15 when he just started taking classes from the art academy.  Matching the masters of the time, he painted landscapes, nudes, portraits and still lifes.  You never would recognize this early work as the cubist pictures in my head of the “typical” Picasso.  His early work was brilliant but much more conformist.  My favorite was the 50+ paintings of Meninas an inspired later series that he painted for 3 1/2 months in 1957.  The funniest part of this series was the 4 days he took a break and painted nothing but pigeons, lots of pigeons from his balcony.  For some reason the pigeon interlude was just hilarious to me. Some may like the “Blue Period” but I’ll stick with the “Pigeon Interlude”.  May my art education continue!

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