Holy Gelato!



I’ve always loved Graeter’s Raspberry Chocolate Chip but I’m a long way from a Graeter’s fix in Lucca, IT. I was hoping to find an Italian Count looking to share travel adventures, but so far I have only found gelato, and quite frankly that may be sufficient! Gelato is sort of an art form in Italy, not only does it taste fabulous but it’s almost too pretty to eat (I said almost).  Gelato stores are sort of like Starbucks in the states, you only have to go a few feet till you find the next one. I have to admit the group found a few favorites shops and when no milk options were available, at least one in the group had a near swooning event. The other great thing about gelato is, it is pretty cheap! For a couple of euros you can get a small cone with several different flavors and it is definitely not just the tourists enjoying the gelato.  This weekend was a large antique market and many of the shoppers were strolling with their gelato as they shopped the winding streets looking for treasure. Of course you have to earn your gelato, and I’m happy to say my Fitbit is quite happy in Lucca and I’m having no problem blasting past my daily fitness goals.  Such a different lifestyle than spending my days in meetings but living here is all about walking ALL THE TIME! Other than wearing through shoes at an amazing rate, I seem to be making the adjustment from the CCR to the cobblestone streets quite well. Ciao!

5 thoughts on “Holy Gelato!

  1. That display of gelato is making my mouth water—I can’t imagine the different flavor choices. Gotta have a double dip for me! Thank goodness you’re in the best country to get a nice pair of leather shoes.


  2. Did you find a source for basil gelato? Still my favorite! Missing Lucca although being home is pretty great too! We’ll just have to learn to make basil gelato…Greg’s on it! (although at the moment he is immersed in whatever cakes the chef at OCI has them making each day.)
    He did already make a version of the Tuscan Spelt (i.e. faro) soup we liked so much there. Can’t wait to hear the next adventures.


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