The People of Lucca


I can attest that travel is definitely fatal to narrow mindedness. You can’t help but be opened up when exposed to just regular folks living their lives in ways quite different than yours. In the pictures, the older gentleman with the yellow bike and red umbrella was probably my favorite as he approached his day with vigor.  The irony of the guy working in the barbershop with hair down to his butt and the older guy in the red sweater just hanging out talking about  life with his buds. At first glance many things appear the same, but the subtle differences of daily life make this place unique. Staying in an apartment for 3 weeks vice a hotel brought the differences up close and personal. Who knew that some things as simple as the trash rules and the washing machine could befuddled the entire group.  Since I was here the entire time it was fun to watch the “American” confidence approaching the washing machine followed by despair when the clothes were held hostage for 6 hours and boiled alive, despite reading the directions.  I’ve had many encounters with locals and most have been positive and enlightening. My favorite was the guy whose bike lock was broken and asked to watch his bike for him while he shopped for vegetables.. He spoke rapid fire Italian, I understood none of the words but got the meaning and nodded my head. When he returned I got a “Grazie Miele” (thanks a million) and I’m not sure he ever realized I didn’t speak Italian. For the most part the folks here have also been accepting of our odd ways, wanting the salads first, wanting butter for our bread (this caused many raised eyebrows), drinking Cappucino (gasp) after noon and not killing us pedestrians as they whizzed buy on their bikes, vespa’s and cars. The next phase of the adventure is a bit of agri tourism as we are off to a farm. I’m sure there will be many new things to learn about adapting to farm life.  Ciao!

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