Tuscan Cooking Class






What an experience – Tuscan Cooking Class from Extra Virgin in Lucca. Our host Guiseppe greeted us in town and we began a tour of the best establishments for bread, olive oil, wine, fruit, vegetables with a few extra tips like pointing out the best pizza place in town.  We gathered our ingredients as we explored the city.  We arrived at the villa and were all assigned cutting, chopping, whisking roles as we prepared our lunch. Of course, there was a lesson in olive oil, bread and wine with much sampling along the way.  The simplest and best tip was discovered when making the custard – wet and heat the pan with water before boiling the milk and it doesn’t stick! We all enjoyed a delicious 3 course lunch and felt we were the guests of a local Lord even though we worked for our lunch. Today we sort of relived the experience buying bread, stopping for a prosecco and having the best pizza ever!  In case it isn’t clear – Italy is all about food and wine! Ciao!

5 thoughts on “Tuscan Cooking Class

  1. Sounds absolutely awesome, Barb. Next time you’re in Columbus, you’re welcome to come show us your Italian culinary skills!


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