The Vineyard at Montecarlo since 1362!

We had the perfect visit to a vineyard in Montecarlo, Italy about 15 KM outside of Lucca. Thanks to Ken’s Trip Advisor investigation, we landed on the perfect spot to learn about the Italian wine making process. It was a small vineyard that produces about 40K bottles a year, 60% White and 40% Red.  It has been operated by the same family since 1362 when they fled the province of Florence after an ancestor cut off the hand of the Lord when he refused to allow his bride to be first “tasted” by the Lord. Not sure if the story was true but it sure was interesting and added to the atmosphere. We were charmed by the sommelier and her explanation of the process and the exacting standards to be certified. After wandering the vineyards we sat down to an amazing lunch with tastings of 8 different varieties.  To say we were over served would be an understatement, and as the wine flowed so did our credit cards as we hauled 4 boxes of wine to our apartment.  For those joining me. in Lucca in the next few weeks, fear not there will be wine to share!

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