Lucca – The Walled City

Greetings from Lucca, Italy, my home for the next 3 weeks.  The place we rented through VRBO is interesting. The picture is of the living room, huge area with 2 story tall ceilings. We speculate it was previously a monastery and we have an entire wing. The bedroom configuration was not what we expected as one “bedroom” is actually a loft with no bathroom access. Fortunately, Ken and Dan had an extra bedroom and were gracious enough to allow us to overflow. Lucca is a very lovely town and the highlight is the completely intact wall that surrounds the city. Yesterday we rented a 4 person bike and explored the wall, stopping for cappuccino’s and the Saturday market along the way. We looked like tourists in our 4 person yellow bike, but it was great fun and a good way to get an overview of the city and it’s “Porta’s”. One of the city highlights is the many fountains to fill our water bottles with clear spring water. The fountains are everywhere and we are having fun finding them throughout the city. Today we are off to a winery and fortunately Uber to get us safely there and back. Looking forward to exploring more of the town and finding my favorite bakery,  restaurant and markets.

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