Is that a Wild Boar I hear?

The trek from Corniglia to Vernazza didn’t go exactly as planned. It started off blissful enough, with a lovely stroll through the vineyards and olive trees. The views of the water and colorful towns were just as awesome as advertised, but then the changes in elevation and rugged stone steps became grueling. I could hear the words of my orthopedic surgeon when he said I was just one bad twist from requiring a knee replacement. This hike went beyond my over the counter self medicating plan of Move Free and Tumeric and there were a few prayers made to the orthopedic gods of bones and muscles along the way..  So the views were amazing and it was fun for about 2/3rds of the way but then we lost light and I lost my good attitude.  AND THEN IMG_0573



the heavy rustling in the foliage made us fear a wild boar was stalking us. Gaia continued as the bubbly optimist, as I went silent.  Our group got nervous with our tardy arrival and sent a rescue party with headlamps and we survived another day in the hills of Cinque Terra.

4 thoughts on “Is that a Wild Boar I hear?

  1. Beautiful pictures!! It does look like you would need sturdy footing to traverse those paths. Maybe it was a mountain goat in the bushes? Shaping up to be the trip of a lifetime.


  2. Oh Barb, please rest up. Tell Gaia I said she has to pamper you for a whole day: bring you cappuccino , chocolate, and wine. I’ll take over when I get there.


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