Man Up Marine

Man Up Marine – Not the words you might expect to hear on a vacation to Cinque Terra but late last night Greg Hightower yelled them to me as I cried out, “I hit the wall”.  I hit the wall after 45 minutes of climbing up to the top of the mountain.  By the way I have never been a Marine, but the words served to kick my ass in gear and allow me to take the next rugged step.  So true confessions. If is all my fault, I read all about the awesome views and was charmed. I found the BnB on VRBO and when I read it was a steep climb, I had no concerns, just take your time. Right.  As I sucked in air and watched my heart rate on my Fitbit hit High Aerobic levels, I questioned whether I should just turn around and get a room in town.  I had great plans for retirement as an opportunity to get fit and make healthy lifestyle choices, but all those bad unhealthy choices of the past came to haunt me a I trekked up the mountain.  So now I sit trapped at the top of the mountain as I think I have one trip per day in my legs, knees,ankles, bones and lungs.  So this new healthy lifestyle I aspire to, can not come quickly enough.  Everyone has to start somewhere and I must start with where I am today.  So far I have bribed my friends to carry the wine up the mountain, so at least there’s that.

7 thoughts on “Man Up Marine

  1. I am sitting at the airport laughing out loud at your post. I can just imagine how taxing that was. The views are worth it from your pictures!! Have a great time.


  2. Barb, It looks like a challenging hike, but what a view!! I’m sure it’s worth it many times over. Enjoy all the hiking and by the time I get there I will help you with the relaxing on the patio and enjoying the views.


  3. Just now finding out about your blog after asking, “Where in the world is Barb?” I am excited to live vicariously through this until I get back to Italy.


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