Ahhhhhhh Italy


Well about 6 hours ago I crossed over from Employed to Retired status and what an awesome place to do it – Italy.   I flew TAP (Air Portugal) and somehow paying only $130 thanks to rewards points, makes the long flight all that more bearable. Well that and noise canceling headphones, compression socks and video downloads from Netflix. I spent several of my in transit hours watching Ozark and it was pretty weird but entertaining.  I’m happy to say the first 6 travelers from Oregon, North Carolina and Washington DC all converged exactly on schedule.  The first order of business was to celebrate with what I expect the first of many glasses of Chianti, followed by a meandering the streets of Florence, and capped off with a lovely cappuccino. I thought my retirement was going to be pretty short ,as I almost bit it exiting the worlds smallest shower onto the lake I created on the bathroom floor ,but happy to say I survived what was almost the first big misadventure. Next Up Cinque Terra.

4 thoughts on “Ahhhhhhh Italy

  1. Barb glad to hear of your official retirement! Sounds like you are having a great time! Watch out for those wet floors!!! We can’t wait to hear more of your adventures! Love


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