The Falkland Islands and Penguins with Attitude

The money shot!

The Falklands lived up to their windy and rainy reputation. I made a strategic wardrobe error and didn’t wear my waterproof pants. After exiting the vehicle I was immediately impaled with wind and driving rain and hail.

This little guy looked like I felt in the driving rain. He is getting new waterproof feathers and seemed just miserable in the process
Gentoo Penguins out for a splash (photo courtesy of a fellow guest)
A young penguin with attitude about to learn how to swim (provided by a fellow guest)

One more day in the Falklands that promises a visit to an Albatross rookery and then back to the continent.

2 thoughts on “The Falkland Islands and Penguins with Attitude

  1. Oh Barb, I am late to reading your blog adventures but had to let you know just how much I enjoyed all your experiences. Good, bad & scary. My favorite were your voyages on Whim Sea. You are much braver than I am to do this mostly alone. So glad you are enjoying retirement to the fullest. Love all the pics. You Go Girl!!!!!


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