King Penguins- As far as the eye could see

This spot at South Georgia had over 200K King Penguins. The best part was it was raining pretty hard and the rain made the penguins smell less noticeable. This is the largest concentration of King Penguins in the world.

A large Colony of King Penguins
It went on and on and on
Innocent looking bird

The innocent bird stole a penguins egg for breakfast and the penguins were irate.

The adolescents walking away from the lovebirds in the background
A chat
A triumphant return

The zodiac landing was pretty exciting as the swell carried the boat to shore and then proceeded to wash over the stern. . It required a quick exit up the rock strewn beach. For the return they turned the boats around and with the engine out of the water pushed the boats out into the swell. My smile is happiness at a safe return to the ship. Next stop is the Falkland Islands and you guessed it more penguins.

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