Narwahl or Bust

Heimay Iceland – the view from our balcony

I’m learning that an Expedition Cruise is quite different from your run of the mill cruise experience. I boarded Seabourne’s newest Expedition Ship the Venture in Iceland for a 2 week odyssey of Greenland. What’s different about an expedition ship, well first of all the itinerary is a mere suggestion. The actual plan depends on the weather and animals and lots and lots of Zodiac rides. It’s just the first day and nearly everything changed but the scenery and weather are extraordinary. With only 180 people on board, I’m overjoyed at the no crowds, no lines, just relaxed luxury with a focus on the outdoors not Diamonds International. I could easily get used to this kind of luxury treatment.

The Zodiacs out for a test run

There are 16 species of whale in Greenland. While I have a Narwahl or bust bumper sticker, I would also be thrilled to see a Beluga or Orca. I get pretty excited about whale sitings, of course it will be hard to beat the Grey Whale experience in Mexico where I got to touch several whales. I’m expecting lots of excitement in the next couple of weeks but few blog posts as connectivity will be nonexistent. I’ll condense it into a best of Greenland post. Cross your fingers on the bucket list Narwahl!

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