Home Port Joy

The weather I was on hold for

I got half way across Lake Erie to Geneva on the Lake intending to stay 1 night, but decided to hold for weather, and ended up staying 4 nights. With WhimSea it’s best to avoid beam seas if you can, otherwise you feel beat up. I made good use of my electric bike taking 3-4 rides a day. I love everything about my bike, including how easy it is to get on and off the boat. Last year the trek to town was a hot miserable drudge, this year I zipped right along with the Amish. Most of the Amish girls have those push scooters and you would be amazed how fast they go. I also had one of those “good humanity” experiences in GOTL. I went to a greasy spoon diner for breakfast and didn’t notice the cash only sign until I went to pay. I scrounged up $7.5 in dollars-but only had Canadian cash for the balance. They were so gracious about my shortfall and told me just to forget it. Of course, I rode my bike back to the marina, got the cash, and when I returned they refused to take it so I just left it as a tip.

The beach at Port Clinton
The Miller Ferry with lots and lots of fishermen

After a 1200 mile journey this summer it was so wonderful to find the familiar landmarks and sights. Out of Vermillion you look for Cedar Point, then Marblehead Lighthouse, then Kelly’s Island, Miller’s Ferry, Perry’s Monument, Mouse Island, Catawba Point and finally the hog of the Portage River, The Jet Express. Ahhhhh the familiar landmarks brought joy to my sea faring heart. This year’s journey was nearly double in all categories. Nautical miles in 2022, 1,198, in 2021 651. Hours underway in 2022 190.5, in 2021 100. Fuel consumed in 2022 282.8 gallons, in 2021 142 gallons. The really big game changer was in the lock count. In 2021 WhimSea went through 10 locks, all on the Erie Canal. In 2022 WhimSea went through 88 locks! That included 24 on the Erie Canal, 14 on the Oswego Canal and 50 on the Rideau Canal and half of those with no bow thruster. WhimSea should get a blue ribbon for mastering locks this year.

I have to admit a sigh of relief when I got WhimSea to the dock at home port. It was a year of challenges and learning, but I’m proud of the accomplishments. Now I’m off to my home in Florida to spend a few weeks with floaties in the pool. My next International travel is coming up in September, and my bucket list item is to see a Narwhal in person.

Just in case you don’t know what a Narwhal is!

BTW my friend Al Poweski who is going on the trip to Greenland, says I shouldn’t get my heart set on seeing a Narwhal. Too late my heart is set, Narwhal or bust!

4 thoughts on “Home Port Joy

  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year. I learned a lot! I had much respect and admiration for you before Barb, but now I am just in awe of what you have accomplished. Come home already so we have a congratulatory cocktail!


  2. It was so nice to get a chance to meet you Barb when we dropped off and picked up Ed. Your trip sounds amazing and scary at the same time. So glad you got the chance to go on that bucket list trip. I’m sure you’re happy to be back at home. Cheers to your safe return and on to the next item on your list. Hope you get to see your Narwhal 🙏😁.


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