Screaming East Across Lake Erie

0515 Departure out of Erie means you catch the Sunrise

WhimSea has made it 219.4 NM across Lake Erie in 4 days. That’s about as screaming fast as her 7.4 knots will go. Long time cruisers say you should never try to keep a schedule because you make poor choices on weather windows. I woke up at 5 in Vermilion, checked the weather and called a no go. Looking at the 8 am forecast I decided to go for it and the 68 miles, it was a good ride. I can’t say the same for the decision out of Geneva On The Lake. WhimSea is usually a go at <15 mile winds and < 2 foot waves, of course that depends on interval and direction. The forecast was 2-4 but subsiding to 1-3. I put all the emphasis on that word subsiding, well the first 2 hours were 3-4 foot waves on my beam. Pretty uncomfortable ride and another lesson learned. The trip from Erie to Buffalo was the longest day at 70 NM but seas < 1. Perfect.

USCG paid WhimSea a Visit

When the USCG boat starts following you it’s the same feeling when a state trooper gets behind you in the car. I was a bit nervous because my updated USCG documentation was lost in the mail from Florida and I only had 1 of the new required fire extinguishers on board due to backorders. Oddly they didn’t board just asked where I was going and were glad to see I had on my suspender life jacket.

Another LNVT on Erie

A very rare occurrence happened today where WhimSea met Jerry Jones on board Titan. We originally planned to meet on the Erie Canal but WhimSea’s delay out of the barn and last weeks drama made it a momentary meeting mid lake. I’m not sure WhimSea has seen another LNVT in her 35 years of existence so noteworthy indeed.

A rare shot of WhimSea underway courtesy of Jerry Jones

Tomorrow means a return to the Erie Canal where walls are free and boating is easy. Call me a wimp but I’m glad to get off the lake.

6 thoughts on “Screaming East Across Lake Erie

  1. I’m glad you didn’t loose heart, and that your journey is now underway. My luggage goes to the ship tomorrow, so I will be underway soon also. I hope to resurrect my blog soon. Happy travels.


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