On the Water Again….but it took a Village

Vermilion – same shot as last year. Can you spot the changes? No mast, new radar mount, new dinghy Davits and dinghy.

I took a big gulp of courage and started the adventure once again. I made it to my first stop in Vermilion and everything is working well. Let’s knock on some teak to keep that going! It took a village to get me back on the water again.

Meet Steve Tulley WhimSea’s Miracle Worker

When I returned to port with my sad tale of woe, Steve met me with wire cable and a “We’re going to fix this attitude”. So the red rope from the manufacturer was replaced with wire cable and the whole operation seems much sturdier. The broken dinghy controller was replaced and except for a few scrapes and lost hooks I was back in business.

A consultation with Dave Howell provided instructions on how to lift and stow the dinghy while underway and voila what seemed insurmountable, was resolved. While underway to Vermillion the dinghy rode high and didn’t budge. Of course Lake Erie was very cooperative with calm seas, we’ll see what happens when she gets snotty.

The May Flies Desend

June in Port Clinton means May Flys. If the wind is blowing from the north that means millions of May Flys descend on the city to live out their 24 hours of existence. When the water temperature reaches 69 degrees they rise from the mud, surface on the lake, mate and die. They existed before the Dinosaurs so I guess it works for them. It was time to get the heck out of Port Clinton before they descended again.

My support village also included the Hammocks overnighting a back up drivers license and Gaia shipping Davit webbing. Plus my brother Dave and Sister-in Law Lillie serving as ground zero for credit card deliveries and car shuttle service. And as my brother has long said, sometimes a good story is better than a good time. I’d settle for a good time including good weather to get me across Lake Erie but it is looking very promising.

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