A Great Loop Journey of 6,000 Miles begins with the first waypoint

From WhimSea’s aft deck a familiar sight of Perry’s Monument at Put In Bay. Although I’ve been here many times in my life, this feels different as the start of an important journey. My Great Loop dream has been modified over the years, but remains intact. The current version has me exploring the Great Lakes including Canada for a few years then heading west and south. Spending 2-3 months on the boat each summer. I’ve been told you really can’t have a schedule when doing the loop so I will follow my college motto of “Hazard Yet Forward”.

Put In Bay is a wild place, especially on a Sat night in July. I’m glad to be on a mooring buoy away from the crowd. Of course the marine forecast gives me pause:

Really a forecast for Water Spouts? WhimSea’s too slow to out run a water spout so this might be the shortest great loop adventure in history.

3 thoughts on “A Great Loop Journey of 6,000 Miles begins with the first waypoint

  1. Hi Barb,

    Sounds like you are doing well and excited for you as you start your adventure.

    We are on Lake Huron in Port Elgin , Ontario. Do your travels bring you by there? Last week when I was walking past the boats at our harbour, there was another tug boat docked there for an overnight stay. Immediately thought of you.

    Stay safe and wishing you safe travels.


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