WhimSea Underway………….Finally…..almost

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything about Wanderlust and even longer since I posted about WhimSea. All that is about to change as the WhimSea part of my adventure is imminent. WhimSea had quite a long rest “On the Hard” as those nautical among you call being out of the water. I’ve been up in Ohio since the end of May trying to get her launched and operational. It has been a project, and a process that tested every ounce of my patience not to mention the melting of my credit card. Fortunately my brother and sister-in-law graciously provided accommodation as I haunted the boat yard begging for service.

She finally splashed on 8 July, got new batteries and battery charger, fixed her bow thruster, cleaned the fuel tanks, spiffed up the main diesel and generator, had electrical safety checks etc. I’m happy to say that despite the 34 years since her build in Taiwan, everything is Ship Shape if not Bristol – to be honest I have no aspirations for Bristol that’s just not how I roll. So I hope to get organized and loaded up with boat and human fuel and get underway next week. Now it is up to the wind and the waves. I plan to wander about the Lake Erie Western Basin for a few days as my comfort ground from a lifetime of boating and then head to the Erie Canal. Of course there is currently one tiny complication as the Erie Canal is closed due to high water and low bridges but I will bring a big bucket of flexible on board and pursue Plan B/C/D. Im also going to need a big bucket of courage as I’ve talked a big Great Loop game but haven’t left the dock yet.

Next post while underway – I promise!

6 thoughts on “WhimSea Underway………….Finally…..almost

  1. So good to hear from you! Wish I had known you were in Ohio….we could have met for lunch at our usual spot! Good luck in your upcoming adventure…..keep us posted. As far as courage, you’ve got that in spades….don’t sweat it! 👍🏻


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