LAOS – A quiet respite



I love LAOS.  After all the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, the quiet countryside of Laos was a relief and respite, Perhaps except for the burning of the rice fields that kept the air filled with a cloudy haze and it smelled like a camp fire everywhere. Although welcoming to tourists, Laos is still very genuine.


I had the most amazing experience with the early morning giving of alms to the monks. EVERY morning the monks walk from their temples with empty bowls and they walk the streets looking and receiving gifts of food. I was given a basket of sticky rice and as each monk passed I dropped a small handful into their bowl. There were probably 350 monks whose bowls I contributed to and then they go back to the temple and pray for those who provided food. It was all a very moving and spiritual experience.

Although Laos is still a communist country, there is evidence of entrepreneurship at every corner. Home and land ownership seems to be encouraged and people take pride in their workmanship. We visited a paper making, weaving and pottery village. The most exciting thing was celebrating the New Year that started on13 April and really got into the swing of things 14-15 April. Look for the details on the next blog

post – too many pictures to include here.





2 thoughts on “LAOS – A quiet respite

  1. Barb, thank you for this wonderful post. I am glad that you enjoyed the country of my birth. I was 7 when I left but I still remember giving alms to the monks each morning, and the pictures you shared brought back some old memories. I look forward to reading the rest of your post from this visit.


    1. I knew but had forgotten you were from Laos. I can’t imagine being part of the alms giving – it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience for me. That means you also celebrated New Years and were once one of those joyful children!


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