Bangkok – 16 Million Strong


Bangkok is a huge city with cranes on nearly every corner as it continues to grow at a fast clip.  Thailand is 92% Buddhist so we visited a LOT of Temples and saw Emerald Buddha’s, Reclining Buddha’s, Golden Buddha’s, Stone Buddha’s.  With all the people there was also a lot of traffic but hardly anyone uses horns as they live the life of Buddha, even in traffic.  The city was in a frenzy of excitement for their New Year that starts on 13 April and the coming coronation ceremony for their King on 6 May. One of my favorite stops was the flower market, full of flowers and arrangements to take to the temple to honor Buddha.  If you are in the market for a new hip or knee or chin or nose it is an inexpensive place for surgery with top notch hospitals.

Despite all the glitz and glamour of Bangkok, a highlight was getting all my laundry done for $8. On a long trip there is nothing like clean clothes especially in the relentless heat.

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