Walk of Shame

IMG_1849IMG_1834.jpgThose of you Game of Thrones fans will recognize the “Walk of Shame” when Cersi walks naked through the streets of Kings Landing.  In the first stop, of the 27 day cruise on Oceania, we did the Game of Thrones tour and saw many filming highlights.  Thankfully we didn’t cause any international drama by walking naked in Dubrovnik, but we did walk in her footsteps and managed to avoid partaking of the “Shame Mojito”. Truth be told, I wasn’t a GOT fan until I decided to visit to Dubrovnik and then I binged watched all 7 seasons to make sure I appreciated the full experience.  Dubrovnik was my first visit to Croatia and I loved it, it is definitely on the visit again list, but my visit the first time list is so very long I’m hoping I get to the second time list before my dotage.

2 thoughts on “Walk of Shame

  1. Dubrovnik is on our “visit again” list, too! Glad you liked it. My mom just signed up for your blog (if you see an email address you don’t recognize!)


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