4 thoughts on “Venice

  1. Well, you have to say you saw Venice in a way most tourists don’t. I watched a few news videos, especially one called Venice is flooded by water and tourists…thought “well the rainboot sellers are making money, but on closer inspection looks like someone is selling very bright colored bags to tied around your shoes and up your legs. brilliant:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeDK71V-y90
    All new experiences. You know I collected 60 for my 60th birthday and am working on 65 for my 65th. I wonder how many you will tally up in this year and a half of travel? some kind of record:)


    1. I did the boat tour so no need for rubber booties but they were actually pretty practical. Our timing was fine and we avoided the worst but some of our travel companions from the ship had to walk to their hotels in knee deep water carrying their suitcases on their heads. Now that is more a good story than good time!


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