Wales and The Cotswolds

The Gower Coast
A surfers coast

The Gower Coast has many miles of trails to walk along the cliffs. The views to the cliff walls and beaches are beautiful with sheep grazing on edge. It was a great day to walk by the seashore.

The Narrow Road where we stayed

It had been 37 years since I drove in Wales. Somehow the decades had soften the memories of narrow roads and rock walls. Each day was an adventure in driving as I held my breath hoping not to knock off a mirror or graze a wall. The place we stayed had a road was so narrow the tires hung over a ditch. I did have an encounter with a van delivery driver who insisted I move so he could pass. I might have sworn and his worse was to call me a “Damn Yankee.” I’ve been called worse.

Another Rainbow over the Light House

I’m happy to report the rental car was turned in with no scrapes or rubs. Whee! Now in the terminal at Southampton waiting to board the Queen Mary 2 for a relaxing crossing of the Atlantic.

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