WhimSea adds Crew

Meet Ed McChain

Ed McChain joined the WhimSea crew in Brockport NY. Ed brings a lifetime of boating knowledge and an intimate Lord Nelson Victory Tug knowledge. Ed owns Thistle in Saluda VA. Ed’s been aboard a few days and it’s like having a master class on the mechanical side – just what I desperately needed.

Hall of Fame Award

I left WhimSea in Brockport NY while I drove to Columbus Ohio to accept the Hall of Fame Award from my previous workplace. It was an honor but the best part was seeing all the great folks I used to work with. I was happy to see WhimSea was safe tied up to the wall at Brockport when I returned.

A calm day on the canal

Last year I stopped at Fairport for 2 weeks and then turned around when the canal was closed for a couple of hurricanes. This year we breezed through Fairport and made a 53 mile, 4 lift bridge, 6 lock day. It’s amazing how easy locks are with a second person on board. The plan is to head up the Oswego canal to Lake Ontario and wait for a weather window to cross to the Thousand Islands. After a rough start the trip is going well and the goal of reaching Canada and the Rideau Canal this summer is looking more promising.

8 thoughts on “WhimSea adds Crew

  1. Love reading about your adventures. Also, congratulations on the Hall of Fame induction. It has the be fulfilling to receive such an honor for your life’s work.

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  2. Barb, I was hoping to see you Wednesday, but I ran out of time. We put our home on market Thursday and we are almost Floridians. I loved your speech. It was so you and made laugh a lot. It also made me wish that we were back on the 7th floor together everyday. But, I know you are really enjoying retirement. Maybe when we are both in Florida at the same time we can get together. Best wishes for a smooth trip! Julie


      1. We just bought a house in Winter Springs-outside Orlando in Seminole county. We have friends here and wanted to be by people we knew. It is beautiful here- lots of plants and we have two Crepe Myrtles in our yard! About 45 minutes from New Smyrna/NASA. I need to work until October and then I can retire


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