Surprising Macedonia


The city of Skopje Macedonia was full of surprises. We stayed directly on the main square which was filled with statues, fountains, beautiful buildings and bridges. The huge marble square was all lit up and glowing as we walked to dinner. I had thought of Macedonia as poor and small, not a mecca of statues. The local guide explained the previous government went into an improvement blitz all concentrated on a couple of square miles of the country where the tourists visit. It seems a bit of a sore spot as several guides mentioned while they were spending hundreds of millions on statues no money was being spent on hospitals and schools. So two thirds of the way through the project the statue government was voted out and everything stopped. It impressed this tourist, but I guess there must be priorities and it would be nice to have a modern hospital.


I had always thought Mother Theresa was from India, nope wrong again. She was born in Skopje and lived there till she was 18 and then first went to join Sisters in Dublin Ireland before eventually starting her own order. The Macedonians are very proud of her heritage.


A final surprise, this one from the Marriott Hotel Manager.  In addition to access to the concierge level with complimentary breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails, I received a personal treat delivered to my room. I’ve stayed at A LOT of Marriotts but the best treatment hands down comes from Macedonia!

Next stop Lake Ohrid

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