Malaysia – A Great Gateway into Asia


Malaysia is a gentle entry for a westerner into Asia. First, they use the English Alphabet so although you don’t know what the writing says at least you can read it. Actually, there are quite a few signs in English as well.  Second, most of the stops had at least 1 western style toilet. Third, there is some organization to the traffic just cars and scooters. I expect this to change shortly and plan to do a “Blog Special” on Toilets and Transportation in Asia.  I also reconfirmed that I am really not a big city girl. While visiting Kuala Lumpur, I couldn’t be bothered to get out of the bus to see the 7th highest building in the world, but just about tipped my boat over to get a good picture of a Tawny Eagle.  I was surprised to learn Malaysia is 62% Muslim – I would have guessed more Hindu or Buddhist.  The Muslim population was evident with the frequent call to prayers.  I also think I must have slept through much of the 80’s as these countries were gaining independence from colonial rule. I’m sorry to admit that I thought Singapore was part of Malaysia but no it is its own country, I’m only a few decades late with that news tidbit!

A few pictures from the countryside and nature.

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