Nap time in Singapore


I arrived in Singapore at 11pm after a long flight from Australia, it looked much closer on the map when I was planning the trip, but I guess all distance is relative! Due to my late arrival and earlier departure, I booked a hotel room in Singapore Airport that charged by the hour.  Before you get too excited that this blog might become X-rated, it did not include a “Happy Ending.” However, it was pretty interesting, as I didn’t realize I had booked a “Nap Room”. Literally my key and the door had me in Nap Room number 3. It is officially the smallest room I have ever stayed in, and there have been some serious contenders across the globe. There was enough space for a twin bed and miniature desk, but not enough room to actually open my suitcase on the floor.  The shower required another key and was down the hall, as was the bathroom.  My room was for NAPPING ONLY!  Fortunately, I didn’t scare anyone on my middle of the night bathroom call, half awake, wild hair, and moving at a pretty good clip as the route was longer than my normal bathroom trek. I do have to say it was one of the cleanest places I have ever stayed, the grimiest thing in the place was me after a long day of travel.  And yes, with the same itinerary, I would book there again!

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