Navigation would be so much easier if the earth were flat!

No I didn’t disappear but for the past month but I had my head down studying! The crazy nearly round world we live in creates all kinds of challenges for the Mariner. Those of you who know me well, realize I am more of a strategic thinker and planner and I get quickly bored with the details of implementation. Well plotting courses, closest point of approach and calculating for set and drift is all about precision. One of my favorite memories from class was when I was criticized for plotting from the bottom of a dot and not the middle. Really! We are talking about the width of a pencil point. That small problem blew the next 5 answers. Geez – glad I understand the concepts but those electronic chart plotters are pretty sweet! My head is swimming with Lights, Markers, Sound Signals, Magnetic Variation, Magnetic Deviation, So I am happy to say that as of this morning I passed all segments of the Professional Mariners Training. I’m currently at LAX and heading to New Zealand in the morning where I hope to achieve a vegetable status for a few weeks as my synapses are fried.

13 thoughts on “Navigation would be so much easier if the earth were flat!

  1. Barbara, congratulations on successfully passing your mariners course. We never had a doubt that you would. Thanks for keeping us informed and up to date. Enjoy New Zealand.

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  2. Barb……Congrats on passing the course!! It sounded incredibly intense! Can’t wait to hear about New Zealand.


  3. Just catching up on emails……sorry to be late in congratulating you on the successful completion of the mariner’s course. Knew you would be successful! Have a blast in New Zealand!

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